• Event Health and Safety Information

    At this time, there are ZERO confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Mendocino County. However, we take the health and safety of our event attendees and volunteers very seriously.  As Mendocino County has no evidence of community spread at this time, Mendocino County Health Officer, Dr. Noemi Doohan, is not ordering the cancellation of events.  As recommended by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), we are taking the following steps to ensure a safe event:

    We are taking the following steps based on recommendations from CDPH:


        • We have a larger venue and will be utilizing the adjacent parking lot to allow more room at the event.
        • Provide COVID-19 prevention supplies, including sinks with soap, hand sanitizers, and tissues.
        • We will send messages to ticket holders to discourage people who are sick from attending the event.

    We will continue to work with state and federal health authorities, as well as with our local health care providers to track our county’s health status and to give direction regarding COVID-19.