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  • Mendocino Music Festival

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    PO Box 1808
    Mendocino, CA 95460
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    10 AM to 4 PM Monday-Friday
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      On the corner of Kasten and Main Street

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    • As of June 15th, the Yellow tier system will be eliminated and the state
      will open nearly all activities with some modifications.

      Mendocino County - Yellow Tier

      ´╗┐Mendocino County Public Health was alerted by the State of California
      Department of Public Health that the county has officially entered the
      minimal “Yellow” tier. Moving from the moderate tier to the minimal tier,
      allows most indoor operations to resume in Mendocino County, effective
      April 28.
      In alignment with the Yellow tier, the following industries are now
      expanded in Mendocino County:

      Places of worship and cultural ceremonies (such as wedding or funeral
      ceremonies) may continue to be open indoors with indoor services
      recommended to operate at 50% capacity
      Attendance to outdoor seated live events (e.g., racetracks) and
      entertainment with audiences (in-state visitors only) is permitted with
      advanced reservations required and limited to 67% capacity, in-seat
      concessions only among other specific restrictions
      Attendance to indoor seated live events and performances guidance allows:
      audiences (in-state visitors only) at 25% capacity or 300 people in venues
      serving up to 1500 (or 50% if all guests show recent negative test or full
      vaccination), with weekly worker testing, digital advanced purchase
      tickets only, pre-designated eating area 6 feet social distancing (no
      eating/drinking allowed in seats), among other restrictions
      Private gatherings guidance (for informal social gatherings) allows a
      maximum of 100 people outdoors with indoor gatherings strongly discouraged
      but allowed (up to 50 people or 50% capacity whichever is fewer) with
      modifications (no food/drink except when following certain standards)
      Private events guidance (for meetings/wedding receptions/conferences),
      allows a maximum of 200 people outdoors (increased capacity to 400 with
      proof of recent negative test within three days or full vaccination) and
      indoors (only if all guests up to a maximum of 200 have proof of recent
      negative test within three days or full vaccination), and requiring
      certain mitigation measures including purchased tickets/defined guest
      list, assigned seating, no intermingling of multiple private events
      Restaurants can open indoors with 50% maximum capacity, increased to 75%
      if all guests show proof of recent negative test or full vaccination
      Bars (where no meals are provided) can open indoors with modifications,
      with 25% maximum capacity or 100 people, whichever is fewer; capacity may
      increase to 37.5% if all guests show proof of recent negative test or full
      Wineries/breweries/distilleries (where no meals are provided) can open
      indoors and outdoors with modifications (maximum capacity 50% or 200
      people whichever is fewer; increased to 75% capacity if all guests show
      proof of recent negative test or full vaccination)
      Movie theaters can open with 50% maximum capacity increased to 75% if all
      guests show proof of recent negative test or full vaccination
      Family entertainment centers (e.g., bowling alleys, bounce centers/ball
      pits/laser tag, and arcades) may open indoors with 50% maximum capacity
      (75% capacity of all guests have proof of recent negative test or full
      vaccination) and mandatory masking, and food/beverage restricted to
      designated areas separate from activity areas
      Museums, zoos, and aquariums may be open without capacity restrictions
      Gyms, fitness centers, and yoga and dance studios can open indoors with
      50% maximum capacity, increased to 75% if all guests show proof of recent
      negative test or full vaccination (Indoor pools, hot tubs, saunas and
      steam rooms may also reopen)
      Fairs may open with a maximum of 35% capacity with mandatory face
      coverings indoor and outdoor and must also follow the Amusement Parks and
      Theme Parks guidance, which includes employer to develop Covid-19 testing
      program for weekly optional testing, in addition to following the guidance
      applicable to the various operational aspects and service offerings
      available (e.g., bars, wineries, retail, family entertainment centers,
      interactive exhibits (zoos and museums), and outdoor seated live events
      and performances, etc.
      Satellite wagering sites can open indoors with maximum 50% capacity
      Swap meets can open with modifications (reduced capacity food courts to
      follow restaurant guidance)
      Higher education can open indoors with lectures/student gatherings limited
      to 50% capacity (labs and studio arts may open at regular capacity)
      Youth and adult recreational sports may now also allow some moderate and
      high-contact sports. See the list here.

      (Source: Ukiah Daily Journal)

      For specific information on businesses or activities, please check the
      COVID19.CA.GOV website here: https://covid19.ca.gov/safer-economy/.

      Get vaccinated when it is your turn.  All vaccines authorized by the FDA
      for emergency use work well and will help keep you, your family, and your
      friends safe.

      “Our County has done well through this difficult last year,” shared Dr.
      Coren “Cases are declining and we are getting out vaccines. This allows us
      to relax some restrictions,” he then cautioned all sharing “It is
      important for people to know that the East Coast and Minnesota are
      experiencing a possible start of a new wave. So we must continue to be
      careful and avoid high-risk activities.”

      Other important updates:

      CDC Announces Fully Vaccinated People Can Travel at Low Risk

      Friday, April 2nd, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
      announced that fully vaccinated people can safely travel at “low risk.”
      The official guidance, which has not yet been released, will permit fully
      vaccinated persons to travel without COVID-19 tests or quarantine
      requirements. Source (CNBC).