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    October 10, 2017
    Our hearts go out to all of the community members and visitors who have been affected by the Northern California Fires.  As always, our community's first concern is how we can help.  Chamber staff has been in contact with officials in the affected areas and we've put together a list of how we can help those in need.  This page will be updated as any new information comes in.

    We've been told that sending supplies over the hill is NOT what is needed.  There are still warehouses full of supplies from the Lake County fires and we need to stay off the roads.  Lots of supplies have been gathered locally and there are many evacuees here who can use that kind of support.  We're including some resources below.

    For locals:
    • Supplies are no longer being accepted at Motel 6 and the Caspar Community Center.
    • If you'd like to make a financial donation, Savings Bank of Mendocino has set up a relief fund.  The Community Foundation of Mendocino County has a Disaster Fund.  People can give by PayPal on their website, www.communityfound.org, or by mailing checks to 204 S. Oak St., Ukiah, CA  95482.  They are directing the funds to individuals and families affected by the fires in Mendocino County. 
    • If you need to find housing for displaced family and friends, many local hotels still have availability. Call the Chamber at 961-6300 for referrals.  UPDATE from Fortunate Farms:  "As it gets colder at night and with rain (please goddesses!) in the forecast it is more problematic to have folks camping and in the barn, so we are beginning to wind down.  Our last batch is beginning to get the word that they can go home!  For now, please direct people to the Christian Community Center, the Catholic Church in Fort Bragg, the Elk Community Center, St. Paul's Methodist Church in Point Arena, and the State Parks."
    For evacuees:
    • Local hotels are available to welcome you!  Please call the Chamber for availability at 707-961-6300 or via email at chamber@mcn.org.
    • If you need supplies, you can go to the upstairs conference room at Motel 6 at 400 S. Main St. in Fort Bragg 24 hours a day and gather what you need.  They have clothing, toiletries, diapers, formula, food, water and more.
    • Fortunate Farm has free camping beds, warm blankets,
      WiFi, coffee, food, and heaters. We can only safely serve people
      able-bodied enough to camp either in our barn with heaters or in tents,
      hopefully freeing hotel space for people who can’t camp. We can accept
      goats or sheep in our pasture, and dogs or cats ideally in crates or
      leashed. Our air quality is better than inland, but still noticeably smoky.
      We are off the Caspar grade four miles either direction between Mendocino
      and Fort Bragg. Look for signs. Be very careful turning because it’s a fast
      highway-if coming from the north (Fort Bragg), don’t take it as a left,
      turn around at Fern Creek and turn right into the driveway. Head all the
      way up the driveway to the barn. Welcome!
    • The Greenwood Community Center in Elk, is open and ready to help you!! We have 30 beds, restrooms, food, WIFI, a caring, compassionate community ready to help you in this time of need.The number at the Community Center is 707 877-1105. The Center is located at 6129 S. Highway 1.
    •  The Redwood Valley Grange has opened its doors to fire victims and will 
      continue to be open daily from 10am-6pm for as long as necessary. The 
      Grange is located at *8650 East Road in Redwood Valley,* just north of 
      the firehouse. A host of services are being provided by community 
      volunteers and various county services.

      As of Sunday, October 15, the following services will be provided:

      • Day Care and a play area for children,.
      • Information on various kinds of disaster assistance, do’s and don’ts 
      for those returning to the burn areas
      • Crisis counseling for those dealing with their trauma and losses
      • A Donation/Pickup site for muck boots, shovels, and other tools for 
      fire victims
      • Trucks & drivers available for those needing assistance in the burned 

      On Sunday October 15, 2017 at 12:30PM, the Grange will be providing 100 
      free hot meals, courtesy of Ridgewood Farm.

      At the moment, there is no need for used clothing donations, but there 
      is a need for wheel barrows, rakes, muck boots, and shovels. Above all, 
      please consider donating money for fire victims Those interested in 
      volunteering should report to the Grange. Volunteers with computer and 
      communications skills are needed at North Coast Opportunities located at 
      413 N State St. in Ukiah, or call (707) 467-3200.
    • There is a site where you can search for your loved ones at  https://safeandwell.communityos.org/zf/safesearch/search
    General information:
    We've received several inquiries about any gas shortages.  We've contacted local gas stations and trucks have been able to deliver, so at this point this should not be a concern.

    Links for additional information:

    More information on how to help:  https://volopp.org/how-you-can-help-on-the-coast/
    Cal Fire: http://www.fire.ca.gov/current_incidents/incidentdetails/Index/1874
    Air Quality Control: http://www.co.mendocino.ca.us/aqmd/
    Road Closures: http://www.dot.ca.gov/cttravel/
    Wildfires Map: http://www.calfire.ca.gov/general/firemaps


    Sharon Davis, CEO
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