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TitleFeed Fort Bragg - Volunteer Opportunity in the Veggie Garden
Place nameMendocino Coast Botanical Gardens
Date startMay 23 2016 09:00p (365 Days Ago)
Date endMay 23 2016 12:00p (365 Days Ago)

Our mild climate enables us to grow and harvest vegetables year-round here on the coast. Join us each Monday and Friday in the Vegetable Garden at Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens between 9:00am and 12:00pm to help harvest the garden's bounty and deliver it to the Fort Bragg Food Bank.

Join the fun and learn how to grow your own!

Vegetable Garden Volunteer Group
Every Monday & Friday
9:00am to 12:00pm

If you have a passion for vegetables, volunteers are always welcome! To get involved, contact MCBG Gardener Jaime Jensen at gardener_jaime@gardenbythesea.org.


Did you know?

In 2013 Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens was able to donate more than 2,000 lbs of fresh produce. A major expansion of our Vegetable Garden in 2015 and 2015 allowed us to donate 6,274 lbs in 2014 and a grand total of 7,116 lbs last year! The expansion of this garden means we have the ability to grow, utilize, and donate more produce, at the same time offering tremendous opportunities for education at multiple levels.


We keep a running tally of monthly donations on our website:

Feed Fort Bragg Volunteer Opportunity at the Gardens
_Feed Fort Bragg Volunteer Opportunity at the Gardens

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